Schermerhorn Symphony Hall

Project Location: Nashville, TN USA

Client Name: Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Project Name: Schermerhorn Symphony Hall

Architect: David M. Schwarz Architects

Theatre Consultant: Fisher Dachs Associates

Project Year: 2006

Project Size: 197,000 sq. ft.

Project Cost: US $124,000,000

Within a few months of its creation as a new firm, Akustiks was selected in a national competition among acousticians to design the architectural acoustics for a new concert hall for the City of Nashville. Its completion, and its subsequent critical and popular success, has been a major benchmark in the growth and development of one of the Southeast’s premier ensembles. Located in downtown Nashville, the 1,900-seat, $124 million neo-classical building is next to the Country Music Hall of Fame. The hall opened to critical acclaim in September 2006.

…a hall where every sound is not only heard but felt… an acoustic gem and one of the most successful auditoriums built in a century.
– Michael Linton, The Wall Street Journal September 12, 2006


Nashville Symphony
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