New Facilities

Our expertise can play a central role in shaping a building. Working closely with a client, an architect and other design professionals, we develop acoustic goals within which the designs evolve. We pay special attention to the detailed ways in which architecture, structure and building systems impact the acoustics. Close attention to the construction process and working sessions with the user in the new space assure a finely tuned room.

Adaptive Reuse

Older buildings often feature the kind of substantial construction and detailing that make them ideal candidates for use as concert halls, museums and other arts spaces. Our firm can work with the leadership in a community or institution to examine the inventory of existing buildings in a city to uncover such opportunities and develop them into viable projects.

Restoration & Renovation

When an existing facility can be improved, we consult on a range of issues from developing appropriate strategies for restoring the historic fabric of a building to determining what elements must be changed, or how to thread new systems into the building. All of these efforts are planned in ways that enhance acoustic character of the renewed spaces.

Feasibility Studies

As an institution first begins to think about a new facility, we can help guide the early decision making to ensure that the planning incorporates essential acoustical goals from the outset. Such studies help determine what type of facility to build and where to build it, establish basic budget parameters and develop strategies for funding the project.

Facility Evaluations

We assess the acoustic performance of existing facilities to determine if and how they can be improved to serve existing or new uses. Evaluations range from simple visual inspections to comprehensive surveys that include discussions with the artistic leadership of an institution, subjective listening at rehearsals and performances, and extensive on-site acoustic measurements and computer modeling.

Sound & Video Systems

Sound, video and production communication systems are an essential part of almost every performance venue, whether a large arena for rock ‘n roll, a concert hall for symphony orchestra or a small recital hall that also serves as a lecture facility. We work with electrical, structural and HVAC engineers to see that basic building systems will support the loads demanded by the systems. In addition, we work with the architects and their consultants to integrate the systems seamlessly into the design of the building and ensure that allowances are made at the initial design stages for future expansion of the system.

We design systems that are technically complex and sophisticated, yet also simple to operate by personnel in the venue. We monitor installation, test, and commission systems and provide hands-on training for facility personnel, so that they will get the most out of the equipment.

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